Do you own a laser clinic? Are you going through too many disposable razors?

It is time for change. Purchase Africa’s first bio-degradable razors and help
reduce carbon emissions, stop single-use plastic and save our environment, 1 razor
at a time! It takes plastic 450 years to degrade. Most people shave using
single-use plastic razors. These razors cannot be recycled because recycling
plants cant remove the blade from the plastic handle. The blades are
bio-degradable, they rust and turn into sand quickly. The plastic is the
problem. 90% of plastic is not recycled, even if the packaging says

Beau-Raze has the following benefits:

  • 100% biodegradable and made from wheat
  •  boasts 3 premium blades for a close shave
  • comes with 1 handle and 3 replaceable heads
  • Natural and comfortable with non-slip grip
  • Cost is more affordable than non-degradable 3 blade razors.

Did you know, the cosmetic, beauty and grooming industry pollutes the planet. And we support the industry by buying in. Kind of heavy,
huh? Sorry about that. But the time for beating around the bush has come and
gone. Climate change and its effects are putting humanity’s survival at risk.
These industries are one of the largest contributors. Good news, though—it’s
not too late to get our act together. But it means businesses everywhere need
to re-evaluate their priorities. And consumers need to hold them accountable.
Our role is to patronize eco-friendly brands, commit to our own sustainable
journey and to pressure our giant retailers that we shop at to make changes.