Black Monster Plasma Pen

Introducing the Black Monster Plasma Pen, a non-intrusive, alternative to surgery that creates skin tightening, rejuvenating and regenerative results. Praised by medical professionals for its ability to perform tightening procedures on areas such as the forehead, mid face, perioral and lower face, as well as difficult areas such as eyelids (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

The Black Monster Plasma Pen tightens, brightens and regenerates skins laxity resulting in a youthful appearance. With help from the nitrogen plasma energy superficial and medium-depth wrinkles can be eliminated and a noticeable improvement can be seen on deep set and severe wrinkles.

This is an effective and the most safest method of multi plasma non-surgical rejuvenation. Without perforation of skin tissue. Without hyperpigmentation. Without burns. The principle of plasma cosmetology is based on the use of the 4th state of the substance – plasma. This is a contactless way of influencing when a plasma arc occurs between the tip of the special device and the skin.

Many of us know of the 3 states of matter, solid, liquid, gas. Plasma treatments use the 4ths state of matter called plasma. The treatment targets peaks of wrinkles to cause contraction of the skin forcing wrinkles to unfold before your eyes. Treated skin is replaced with new skin which forms in a contracted way with remodelling of the underlying collagen and strengthening of the treated skin occurs for 3 months post treatment.

Treat Scars, skin tags, sun spots, warts, melasma, acne can be reduced as this treatment reduces the pore size a sebum production, uses your body’s natural formation of collagen that glow and bounce of youthful skin only your body can produce.

What do I get with the monster pen?

  • x2 probes included
  • carry case
  • CE approved
  • warranty card – 1 year
  • Unique Serial number
  • 8 settings

Pencil typed shape gives the device better handling and makes it easily operable.

The device is easy to use

Low levels of power and vibration results in low side effects.

Pencil typed shape gives the device better handling and makes it easily operable.

Product Specifications

x2 Probes included with Plasma Pen- Please note all Probes must be sterilised prior to use.

This includes any sold separately.

How can I tell the difference with fake and genuine monster plasma pens?

Please be aware of the many fake monster pens on ebay, Fake Pens – 5 settings, the symbol are circles (Genuine triangle), No Ce/warranty card, the probes are gold and not silver

What material is Plasma tip/probe?

Stainless steel for medical use is made of SUS 316 which is alloyed, of 71.9% iron, 18% chromium, 8% nickel, 2% manganese and 0.1% carbon.

Is the beauty monster plasma pen an electric or plasma arc?

The Plasma pen is a PLASMA ARC…. the beauty monster pen has two settings on the pen – one with frequency and the other with power, the frequency and power form the plasmic arc.

Do you get good results with the white beauty monster plasma pen?

Yes, this is an amazing starter plasma pen, which has the 8 settings. On average a client will need 2/3 treatments.

I need training in plasma where should I train?

Beautique Academy offers online and practical training.