A new proudly South African family game!

This fun and quirky game makes a wonderful gift for locals, internationals, for  birthday gifts or just for fun!

Imagine a magical place in the South of Africa where supernatural Queens, Kings and animals run free. Queens such as a KwaZulu Queen who has a pet Lemur, a Pap Queen who’s bestie is a Chakalaka Queen. Imagine a Bafana King, a Phuza King and a King of all braais. Imagine having a Tokoloshe you can set on an opponent or being able to scare away a Tsotsi with your very own Sangoma.

Immerse yourself in a South African game that helps develop memory, strategy, bonds and times tables. Flip over and collect valuable Queens. Play a Tsotsi card to steal an opponents queen, try your luck and play a joker which then allows you to roll the dice or flip any opponents Queen with a Muti card. Just make sure you have flipped the most queens or the most valuable queens and you have won! Just be careful when playing the Tokoloshe card, you may accidentally scare away all the players!