About us

About Us

When we find a beautiful brand worthy of our time and investment, we bring it home to all in South Africa to enjoy. We distribute the following brands: Apilus electrolysis from Canada, CooLift from device from Spain, BeauLasers (our very own brand of lasers. Parts are sourced Germany, USA and Europe and assembled in China), Otentik from Israel, Snob Milano and Suns Good from Italy.

If there is one thing Tzvia Hermann, Founder of The Laser Beautique, knows about, its lasers! Lasers for hair removal, lasers for anti-aging and lasers for different skin conditions. For the last 10 years Tzvia’s Beautiques have been the leaders in the space of aesthetics and technology. It’s not surprising that she has now taken the Beautique group to another level. The Beautique Group has not only launched its very own Beautique Academy but has also launched its very own Beautique Brands which consists of a handful of brands from countries such as Canada and Spain as well as Tzvia very own series of lasers, sound and light aesthetic devices for professional and home or retail use. “Being in the industry for this long has given me the experience to be able to offer affordable yet result driven technology. Gone are the days of overpriced technology. The aesthetic industry has become very competitive. There are many more manufacturers and distributors competing which has made way for competitive pricing. I still warn and advise anyone in the industry to make sure that they purchase from a reputable distributor as there are many fly by night companies around that promise the world and unfortunately can’t deliver. Purchasing a device is one thing, knowing how to correctly use it and maintain it so it doesn’t become a paperweight is a whole different story. We have set out to be able to offer technology with the very best results, affordable to purchase, maintain and affordable to train on. Lasers need to be regularly services and handpieces replaced every few years. Servicing and replacing a handpiece shouldn’t break the bank.” Says Tzvia.

Tzvia also believes that home use devices will never take over professional inhouse treatments. Home use devices are simply not as powerful as professional devices and therefore one is not able to achieve the results that one can with professional devices. In saying this, there is great benefits in using lower powered homecare devices to maintain between professional treatments. You can compare it to going to the dentist or oral hygienist, you get a good thorough cleaning and corrective work but you would still brush at home twice a day. Homecare goes hand in hand with professional treatments. We live in the age of technology so why not step up your skincare regiment with result driven homecare devices?

Tzvia has done one more thing very right, she has cherry-picked incredible teams. From her Beaugicians at The Laser Beautique clinics who truly work wonders restoring clients self esteem and  together with her husband and partner, Neil, Operational Manager Beata Basson and Sales Manager Sadhna Makka, the Beautique Brands team will be able to help you pick out the best tech, assist in maintaining your investment as well as help train you and your staff.

Beautique Brands brings you the latest technology that can achieve remarkable results in the most non-invasive way possible. With each of our device, there is little to no downtime. There are a range of clinical studies to prove efficacy. Devices are FDA and/or CE approved. Safe and effective!

Beautique Brands strive to ensure that every person feels comfortable in the skin they in to bring out their inner confidence at every age.

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